Strengthen your resilience!

CORESZON Opening Workshop

Would you like to learn our techniques for reducing stress and strengthening emotional resistance in the CORESZON self-care workshop? Then you are right here! Get to know our training approach and the people behind CORESZON in our Opening Workshop and take with you three helpful tools for your everyday life in advance.

Mindset, beliefs and behavior changes play a role in our resilience. We place a special focus on the health-enhancing potential of our relationships. In our Opening Workshop you will find out why resilience is not just a matter of the mind, what role neurobiology plays in it and how we humans depend on one another in order to stay healthy – mentally, emotionally and physically.

This 90-minute, interactive beginners’ appointment offers You also have the opportunity to get to know us and is a prerequisite for registering for our self-care workshop series.

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After the Opening Workshop, in the CORESZON self-care workshop …

  • …we will show you 5 key concepts of resilience for your everyday life
  • …you will learn 5 techniques for stress regulation
  • …you will receive a workshop manual with which you can continue learning and reading at any time, whenever you feel like it and have the time
  • …you have the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge in the long term in many small exercises


Topic: Opening Workshop
Hosted By: CORESZON Team
Start: Tuesday, June 22, 2021 16:00
Category: Opening-Workshop
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Europe/Paris

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