we hope to meet you again at a CORESZON Workshop!

Together with a group no larger than 12 people, you can strengthen your ability to care for yourself and others under challenging conditions. Our trainer team is specialized in building on the experience and expertise that everyone has in dealing with stress. Even if you’re new to the topic of mental wellbeing, you’ll be surprised how much you already know!


Did you know that our nervous systems have a natural ability to regulate stress? When we go through longer or intense periods of stress-overload, our nervous systems do overtime. This costs our bodies a lot of energy. Over time, stress-overload can have a negative impact on health. Overburden can lead to even more stress in relationships, at school and at work.

Training this natural ability pays out in many ways. Because the better we’re able to regulate stress, the better able we are to appreciate the good things around us, and to change the things that burden us – for ourselves, and for each other!


Some people find meditation helpful, while others benefit more from strength training or dancing to music at full volume. Both can be equally effective. It depends on what works for you. The CORESZON Workshop gives you lots of opportunities to discover your personal strengths, abilities and preferences as you learn how to make our method work for you.  We measure the quality of our teaching by how well you’re able to make the method your own.


  • 5 practical techniques to reduce stress and strengthen wellbeing that you can use for yourself and with friends and family
  • 5 helpful ideas from science that make it easy to understand how and why the techniques work.
  • And most importantly: your personal take on the ideas we introduce and your own way of using the techniques. Learning as a group is one of the most valuable elements of our training!


To ensure that our workshops have a sustainable impact, we hold monthly follow-up sessions online. Many people report that these 90-minute sessions make a big difference in how they benefit from the workshop over time.  Anyone who has completed the workshop can join, entirely free of cost. Each follow-up session refreshes knowledge on a specific workshop module, supported by a practice sequence to help you keep your skills up-to-date, and to learn from each other. 


The pandemic has cost us all a lot of energy. Parents in particular have been carrying a lot on their shoulders. Thanks to our supporters, we can provide our entire training program to parents of children age 0-10 free of cost. 

For everyone else, we offer a trust-based “pay what you can” solution. Below, you will find our guidance on training fees that reflect our endeavor to improve mental health equity.


Online (in German - English workshops starting in August!)

  • SUMMER SCHOOL - Intensive Workshop
    5. July 2021 - 10. July 2021
    Monday to Saturday, each day from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    6 sessions
  • SUMMER SCHOOL - Intensive Workshop
    26. July 2021 - 31. July 2021
    Monday to Saturday, each day from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    6 sessions
  • Weekly Workshop
    3. August 2021 - 7. September 2021
    Every Tuesday from 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    6 sessions
  • Weekly Workshop
    20. September 2021 - 25. October 2021
    Every Monday from 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    6 sessions
  • Weekly Workshop
    2. November 2021 - 7. December 2021
    Every Tuesday from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    6 sessions

In Hamburg (in German)

  • all-day Workshop
    13. August 2021 - 14. August 2021
    Friday and Saturday, each day from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Venue will be announced soon
  • all-day Workshop
    24. September 2021 - 25. September 2021
    Friday and Saturday, each day from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Venue will be announced soon
  • all-day Workshop
    12. November 2021 - 13. November 2021
    Friday and Saturday, each day from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Venue will be announced soon

Our workshops are free of charge for certain groups of people. If you belong to GROUP A, you can register for our workshops directly using the “Register” button. Persons who belong to GROUP B-F are kindly asked to contact us by Mail to register.


Write to us with your questions!

Community Workshops:
mutual learning for collective wellbeing

Whether as a team, as neighbors or an entire organization – our method’s impact grows with the number of people involved! We tailor our training approach to match your existing strengths and resources. Contact us for an in-person conversation about how we can help. We look forward to meeting you!

Online Weekly: six 2.5-hr sessions (with breaks)

Online Intensive: six 2.5-hr sessions on 6 consecutive days (with breaks)

In person: customized workshops that we design to match your needs.

CORESZON is a non-profit prevention program dedicated to mental health equity

Seelische Gesundheit ist eines der wichtigsten Zukunftsthemen unserer Gesellschaft. Viele Kinder haben durch finanzielle und soziale Nachteile schlechtere Gesundheitschancen. Wir wollen das ändern. 

Deshalb ist unser Trainingsprogramm für Familien in schwierigen Lebenslagen kostenlos. Zahlende Teilnehmer*innen unterstützen unsere gemeinnützige Arbeit. Eine genaue Preisübersicht findest Du in der nachstehenden Liste.


Mit unseren Preisen möchten wir allen die Teilnahme an unserem Programm ermöglichen:

  • GRUPPE A: Menschen, die in finanziellen Schwierigkeiten sind* und a) Kinder im Alter von 0-10 Jahren haben oder b) ein Kind erwarten kostenfrei
  • GRUPPE B: Menschen, die in finanziellen Schwierigkeiten* sind und Kinder im Alter von 11-18 Jahren haben 15€
  • GRUPPE C: Menschen, die in finanziellen Schwierigkeiten* sind 30€
  • GRUPPE D: Ehrenamtliche, die sich für Familien engagieren kostenfrei
  • GRUPPE E: Menschen, die sich hauptberuflich im gemeinnützigen Bereich für Familien engagieren kostenfrei

    Voraussetzung: Organisation von Workshops für Familien in der eigenen Einrichtung und/oder anschließende Trainerausbildung und Anbieten einer bestimmten Anzahl von Workshops in der eigenen Einrichtung (auf Grundlage einer Kooperationsvereinbarung).

  • GRUPPE F: Für alle anderen (oder auf freiwilliger Basis aus den oben genannten Personengruppen) ab 150€

    Staffelsystem nach Selbsteinschätzung.

* alle Menschen, die eine oder mehrere der folgenden Leistungen beziehen: ALG2, Sozialhilfe, Sozialgeld, Leistungen nach AsylBLG, Wohngeld, Kinderzuschlag – Nachweis erforderlich. Es zählt der Zeitpunkt zum Workshopbeginn oder zum Workshopende – je nachdem, was sich für die Eltern günstiger auswirkt. Sollte dies allerdings nicht auf Dich zutreffen, aber Dir die Teilnahme aufgrund finanzieller Schwierigkeiten sonst nicht möglich sein, sprich uns bitte persönlich an.