In this toolbox, you can choose from different activities to reduce stress with children. Since we all experience stress and wellbeing in our own individual ways, it can be helpful to experiment with the different options and see what works best for you and your family.  

Each tool has a symbol showing how much time you will need for it. The toolbox symbols show what you can use it for.

Helping Hands

This activity can help you remember all of the big and small things that give you strength. You can do it alone, or with family and friends. It can be surprising how many things we’re able to come up with when we take time to think about it!

Quick meltdown remedies

Sometimes children can’t find words for their anger or anxiety. This is also true for us adults! Children often express anxiety with behavior that can test the limits of any mother or father. What to do? Here are some playful activities!

Doing art makes space for new ideas

In times of crisis, our bodies and minds are often on the alert for potential threats. This is why it takes extra effort to pay attention to things beyond what we are worried, anxious or angry about. This extra effort is worthwhile!