Learning about the biology of stress and wellbeing

Would you like to know more about how the activities in this toolkit help regulate stress? In this section, you will find short explanations about the biology of stress and wellbeing, as well as articles about how resilience works for individuals, in relationships and in communities. 

Stress can be “contagious”

We humans have evolved as tribes. Over the ages, our “social brain” has evolved to help us respond to each other within milliseconds.

Positive and negative stress

Stress ist nicht immer etwas Schlechtes! Man kann auch positiven Stress erleben. Welche Auswirkungen aber negativer Stress haben kann, erfährst Du hier…

The Stress and Recovery Curve

Warum verhalten wir Menschen uns unter Stress manchmal ganz anders als sonst? Wenn wir “aus der Stresskurve fliegen”, kann auch die Höflichkeit flöten gehen…

What is Resilience?

“Resilience” describes a capacity to deal with and recover from extremely challenging circumstances. This capacity depends on much more than just your own abilities…