Why research is an important part of our work

Our goal is to strengthen the evidence base for community-driven mental health care. This requires a close look at how our community-based approach works over time. In addition to outcome measures, we also do research to ensure the quality of our work – both in terms of training and capacity building. 

The Garden Method is not a new invention. It is a set of components that are rooted in psychotherapy and stress management techniques that have been adapted for easy use and sharing by people without professional mental health training. Many people who have learned the Garden Method have told us that they are better able to care for themselves and others. We do research to ensure and improve quality, which we measure by how effective the Garden Method is in reducing stress, improving wellbeing and helping people grow resilience over a longer period of time. 

Important to know

Research on the Garden Method has been approved by Hamburg’s Psychotherapist Association (06/2017-PTK-HH). In all of our research activities, we adhere to the standard ethical and privacy protection regulations, which are mandatory in order to ensure that no harm is done. Participation in the evaluation of the Garden Method is absolutely independent of participation in CORESZON’s training program. Each individual participant is requested to decide whether they want to participate in our evaluation, interviews and focus groups, or not. Deciding not to participate has no disadvantages whatsoever.

Research questions, Interviews & Focus Groups

We respond to what we learn from the people who participate in our training programs by integrating answers to the following questions into our approach: how easy/difficult is it to use the Garden Method for self-care and mutual support (acceptance), and do people find it helpful (efficacy)? And, equally importantly, do our workshops speak adequately both to people’s needs and their existing resources (quality assurance)?


In order to identify whether and how the Garden Method improves wellbeing, participants are invited to fill out a brief questionnaire before, 4 months after, and 9 months after training.


In order to examine our research questions from different angles, we use a mixed method approach to gather information in various forms (questionnaires, interviews and focus groups).