Quick fixes for when you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted

When we are exposed to a higher amount of stress than usual, our body works overtime to balance out the cost. Everyone notices the impact of stress overload differently. We can feel “stuck”, or “numb”, or “jittery” – everyone has their own ways of describing what stress overload feels like. Feeling stressed out doesn’t always mean that we are charged up and need to calm down. Quite often, it can feel exhausting and heavy. Either way, stress overload makes it hard to and think clearly, and to communicate with others.

These quick activities help your body stop stress reactions when you are feeling overwhelmed or disconnected. Taking just a couple minutes to do these can help you regain control.

Think of 1 color and look for 7 objects around you that have that color as quickly as possible.
Count the sounds that you hear around you. Give yourself time to listen carefully. Is there a sound around you that you find pleasant? Take some time to focus your ears on that sound.
Choose a surface around you that is pleasant to touch. Rund your fingers or hands over it and try to describe to yourself or to someone how it feels. Is it warm, cool, rough, smooth? Give your hands time to notice the surface carefully

When we’re under a lot of stress, we usually don’t think of things that might be helpful in the situation. Sharing these activities with the people around you can be helpful. This way, you can remind each other to use them when needed.

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