This exercise highlitghts how we can help each other in difficult times. You cand to it alone, or with friends or family. The goal is to spend some time noticing how we depend on each other for support, and that everyone has something to give.

Accepting help and helping others is a resilience factor. This means that it boosts our wellbeing and protects our health from the impact of stress overload.

Take a piece of paper and trace your left and right hands next to each other.

In the 5 fingers of one hand, write or draw people, places or ecperiences that have given you strength and support.

In the 5 fingers of the other hand, write or draw things that you do for others. Small gestures of support count, like greeting people on the street with a smile!

When you have filled each finger, you can draw or write whatever comes to mind in the palm of your hands.

Watch this video for an example (in German).

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