Helping Hands

During crises, it’s important to remind each other about what gives us strength. Helping others and receiving support gives us a sense of safety and control. 

This activity can help you remember your own sources of strength, and the strengths that you share with others. If you do it as a family, you may be surprised by the abundance of resources that you all bring to the table!

The goal if this activity is to bring attention to how we give each other strength, hope and support. And to remind ourselves and each other that we all have something valuable to give. 

Here’s an example for how it works (in German)

1. Take a piece of paper and trace your left and right hands on it. 

2. In the 5 fingers of one hand, write or draw people, places, things or experiences that have given you strength and support.

3. In the 5 fingers of the other hand, write or draw things that you do for others. Small gestures of support count, like giving people a smile when you’re out on the street! 

4. When you have filled each finger, take a moment to look at everything you have collected. Then draw or write any helpful ideas that come to mind in the palms of the hands. 

Did you notice any changes to your wellbeing during this activity?

When we think and talk about things that help us, our bodies often respond with feelings of wellbeing. Maybe your breathing changed, maybe your head felt clearer, maybe your muscles relaxed a bit?

Maybe you smiled at each other, or laughed together?

If you like, you can repeat this activity every week to check in and see if you’ve noticed any new strengths that you receive or give! You can also invite friends to do it with you.

Share your experience with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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