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Where everyone can make a positive impact.

Knowledge and tools to boost mental health

We believe that everyone has the ability to promote mental health in their community. And we’d like to help by sharing simple knowledge and skills that anyone can use for self care and mutual support – anytime and anywhere. 


Learn how to utilize the science behind stress and wellbeing with a simple set of practical tools and concepts.


In person or online. In one of our monthly workshops or in a resilience meet-up designed with your community.


Helpful wherever people depend on each other to make good things happen – at home, at work and in play.

CORESZON is a non-profit initiative based out of the University Medical Center Hamburg in Germany that collaborates with people for health equity – with a training program for that families in difficult situations can access free of cost.

Decompress & boost resilience

Want to get started right away? In our online toolkit, you’ll find simple activities to do at home. For self care, or together with others. Plus a special collection of activities you can do with children!


Good for the mind, and for the heart.

Resilience: our ability to care for ourselves and each other in difficult times.

Resilience describes an ability that everyone has. The ability to maintain wellbeing under difficult conditions, or to recover well, when hard times have passed. What makes us resilient? Research with people who have overcome great challenges has shown that our relationships  are key. This is why our training program focuses on strengthening resilience in relationships. Wherever people depend on each other. For example at work, in neighborhoods, and especially in families. 


Everyone has a person close by who can share helpful knowledge and tools in difficult times. 


Translate and share current science for everyday use. Build a network of trainers to make it as accessible as possible. 


Resilience training for individuals and communities – friends, families, teams and organizations.


COMMUNITY: Mental health is among the most urgent challenges faced by our entire society. Each year, one in four of us are impacted by mental ill-health to an extent that makes it difficult to manage our everyday lives. Social justice plays a decisive role in the development of mental health problems. This is why CORESZON’s capacity-building approach is designed to strengthen cooperation and mutual support, with the goal of improving mental health equity for the next generation. 

RESILIENCE: Awareness for mental health is good, and action is even better. Our focus is on what people and communities do to buffer the negative impact of extreme or chronic stress-overload. Building and maintaining good relationships is one of the the most effective ways of boosting mental health. However, even though we humans naturally rely on each other in difficult times, our ability to trust and relate to each other can suffer. Our goal is to share knowledge and skills that help people stay connected and grow together in difficult times. 

NETWORK: Building a Community Resilience Network to improve the health outcomes of disadvantaged children is a goal that can only be achieved by working well together. Without our driving force – parents, volunteers and partners who support and fund our endeavor – we wouldn’t get much further than our own neighborhood. But together, we can pioneer a new approach to making hands-on mental health promotion a whole-society endeavor. 

New outposts, cooperation partners and supporters are always welcome!

CORESZON: A Community resilience network. because mental health grows in relationships!


If you or someone you know is feeling unwell, please remember that asking for help is a sign of strength! Even though it can be difficult, just telling someone that you are having a hard time can already make a difference. And asking someone how they’re really doing can be just what they need. 

CORESZON is a prevention project at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Our services are not offered within UKE’s care mandate, but as an educational, preventative program. Our goal is to share knowledge and tools that help buffer the impact of stress overload and strengthen resilience. The contents of our workshops and the #WEAREALONETOGETHER campaign are not equivalent to professional advice or care.  If there are no mental health care services in your area, please turn to someone in your community who can offer support, or help you get professional advice. 

CORESZON is a non-profit, joint initiative of the Peter Moehrle Foundation and the University of Hamburg Medical Center’s Clinic for Child and adolescent Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics that was established to improve the health outcomes of disadvantaged children. In response to the covid-19 pandemic, we partnered with the Ehlerding Foundation and the Edmund Siemers Foundation to start the digital campaign #WEAREALONETOGETHER, with the goal of providing simple, accessible tools to build resilience.