a campaign for community resilience in the covid-19 crisis

Because mental health grows in relationships. 

Welcome to Coreszon!

As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, each of us copes with stress in our own, individual ways. Decades of research on wellbeing and happiness shows how relationships are key the to resilience. Looking out for each other is more important than ever. One of many ways to do this is by asking each other:

What is helping us get through this – as individuals, communities and societies?

Coreszon stands for Community Resilience Network. As an interdisciplinary and intercultural team that speaks multiple languages, we bring together diverse perspectives on mental health. Our Training program empowers anyone, independent of their educational or cultural background, to use and deliver a simple mental health intervention in their community. 

Because we are based at the University of Hamburg Medical Center in Germany, our campaign for community resilience in the Covid-19 pandemic is primarily in German. However, translations are underway! 

In the meantime, you can access our free toolkit in English, which we put together for individuals and families to use at home. 

Coming soon: our online training program in English

Webinar 1: Introduction to the Toolkit

Webinar 2: Introduction to the Garden Method

LEt's be alone together!

This campaign is a joint project of the Peter Möhrle Foundation and the University of Hamburg Medical Center in cooperation with the Ehlerding foundation. 

CORESZON is a prevention project at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Our services are not offered within UKE’s care mandate, but as an educational, preventative program. Our goal is to share knowledge and tools that help buffer the impact of stress overload and strengthen resilience. The contents of our workshops and the #WEAREALONETOGETHER campaign are not equivalent to professional advice or care.

We would like to encourage people to seek professional help when needed. If you or someone you know is suffering, please remember: asking for help is a sign of strength! If you do not know any mental health care services in your area, please turn to someone in your community who can offer support, or help you get professional advice.