Building Capacity for Self-Care and Mutual Support

CORESZON’s teaching philosophy is based on the belief that when it comes to mental health, everyone is an expert on their personal wellbeing. In our workshops, we endeavor to facilitate a conversation about mental health that values individual perceptions of how wellbeing “works”. Our training program builds on what you already know by adding practical knowledge on how to use and cultivate the nervous system’s natural ability to regulate stress and grow resilience. Our 3-level training program is open to everyone, independent of previous education in mental health care. We currently teach in German, English, Arabic and Dari/Farsi.

Level 1: The Garden Method Self-Care Workshop

The Garden Method is taught in interactive workshops that focus on experiencing how the nervous system responds to wellbeing, and how it regulates stress. This experience is offered in a series of activities that enable people to identify and practice their own, personal way of using the Garden Method for self-care. The science behind the Garden Method is taught in short and simple “biology basics”, which learners are encouraged to relate to their own concept of mental health.

Self-Care Workshop Goals:

  • Improved awareness of resilience in oneself and others
  • Improved awareness for the impact of extreme and chronic stress on health and relationships, and what can be done to lessen it.
  • Confidence in using the Garden Method Techniques to regulate stress and utilize existing resources to “grow resilience”.

Level 2: The Garden Method Teaching Seminar

Once you are able to use the Garden Method for self-care, you can choose to qualify to become a Garden Method Teacher in your community.  No previous education in healthcare or psychosocial services is necessary. CORESZON’s 6-day Teaching Seminar is followed by an 8-month qualification phase. It is designed to enable people to teach others the Garden Method in a way that speaks to their communities’ needs and builds on existing resources.

Teaching Seminar Goals:

  • Develop proficiency in using the Garden Method techniques both for self-care and mutual support
  • Deepen your understanding of the science behind the Garden Method
  • Learn how to engage and teach groups by creating experiences that empower people to effectively use the Garden Method for self-care and mutual support.
  • Develop ways to share the Garden Method in your specific community that speak to people’s needs and resources while upholding CORESZON’s scientific and ethical standards.

Level 3: Become a CORESZON Trainer

If you choose to, you can become a member of the Community Resilience Network (CORESZON) by applying for our Train-the-Trainer program. CORESZON Trainers are able to provide both Garden Method Workshops, and Garden Method Teaching Seminars. To qualify for the program, people need to demonstrate sufficient experience in teaching the Garden Method as a peer-to-peer intervention, and to participate in CORESZON’s community-based evaluation of the Garden Method. By contributing to our research (in place of membership fees), CORESZON members can help us reach our goal of changing how mental health is “done” in the community – by connecting people to build wellbeing, while gathering an evidence base for simple and effective community-based mental health solutions.